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Space And Aliens At Husthwaite

Children at Husthwaite School have been studying space during the first spring half term as part of a whole school topic.  They discovered the wonders of the universe learning all about the planets, why they are different, what is unique about them and how stars are formed.  Discussions also included space travel and aliens.  The end of this fascinating topic was celebrated by a visit to the school of the ‘skydome’ – a huge mobile planetarium which filled the school hall.  Children enjoyed a talk about the constellations of the stars and were then subjected to complete darkness to enjoy a view of the night sky enabling them to pick out the constellations of the Plough (or Big Dipper), the Hunter, the Queen’s Chair, the Herdsman and of course the North Star.Children also enjoyed an alien activity day which saw them making alien masks, balloon rockets and tasting alien space food – which wasn’t necessarily all that it appeared to be as can be seen by some face pulling in the photos!


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