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Millfield parkrun 100th event...

Saturday 24th September 2022

Cast your mind back to Saturday 22nd June 2019 and our first parkrun at Millfield parkrun, Easingwold.

Since their initial meeting in late January the core team had worked hard to raise funds, establish a course, get together the equipment, undertake the training needed to organize a parkrun and hold a test event.

How many would turn up? Will parkrun in Easingwold be sustainable?

Will we meet our vision of changing lives through community exercise and volunteering?

Fast forward to January 2020 and with almost 250 weekly participants the answer was a resounding yes.

Just a few weeks later however, these questions were asked again.

Would our parkrun recover from the 71 week Covid hiatus?

Last Saturday and our 100th parkrun milestone answered that question with an emphatic yes. Over 200 participants and volunteers arrived in time for the usual 9am start.......

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