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The hills are alive with the sound of Scouting...

Saturday 24th September 2022

A couple of weeks ago Easingwold District Scouts travelled to the International Scout Centre in Kandersteg for our annual trip abroad.

I’m struggling to find the superlatives to describe this trip, I don't really like text speak, but in this case I can't think of anything better......O.....M....G...!

It was amazing. I have been on international trips with the Scouts and to Kandersteg before but this was the absolute cream of the crop. Just brilliant.

Forty of us travelled to KISC for a week of incredible adventures and experiences. Never before have I seen such a well knit or well behaved group.

Leaders and young members, Scouts together, doing amazing things.

We have climbed mountains (with and without ropes), stayed overnight in a mountain hut, hurtled down Olympic ski jumps in inner tubes, swum, hiked, tobogganed and made loads and loads of new friends with Scouts from all over the world; Cyprus, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Brazil, Argentina, Ireland, even Doncaster.......

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